New Chapters Alert: Two Contributions to the Oxford Handbook of Agent-Based Computational Management Science

My latest work has just been published in the Oxford Handbook of Agent-Based Computational Management Science. I have contributed to two chapters that take a deep dive into the world of e-commerce and corporate investment, using agent-based modeling to uncover new insights. Here’s a quick overview:

1. Agent-Based Modelling in E-Commerce (co-authored with Dietmar Jannach)

This chapter examines how agent-based modeling and simulation can help understand the fast-evolving e-commerce sector. It highlights the method’s effectiveness in exploring e-commerce dynamics, including how networks form, the influence of personal and cultural differences on consumer behavior, and the long-term trends in online shopping. The text suggests three key areas for future research and includes a case study on recommendation systems.

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2. Corporate Investment: Advancing Theoretical Perspectives Using Agent-Based Techniques

This chapter discusses how agent-based modeling and simulation contribute to the development of theories in corporate investment. It highlights three main benefits: testing analytical model assumptions, offering a realistic approach to modeling human behavior, and examining the impact of various conditions on investment strategies.

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Whether you’re in the business world, a student, or just curious about agent-based modeling, these chapters offer a straightforward look at some complex topics.

Happy reading!