New paper on the impact of dynamic team composition and coordination in organizational settings

The paper “Interactions between Dynamic Team Composition and Coordination” by Dario Blanco-Fern├índez, Stephan Leitner, and Alexandra Rausch, examines the relationship between team composition, coordination strategies, and performance in organizational settings. It employs an agent-based model to analyze how dynamic changes in team structures and decision-making processes can impact performance, particularly in environments with complex tasks and continuous learning. This research offers valuable insights for managers and organizational designers on how to adapt coordination strategies for optimal team performance.

Significantly, the study highlights that lateral communication and sequential decision-making are key to leveraging the advantages of dynamic team compositions. These findings have practical implications for managing team dynamics effectively in evolving work scenarios.

The paper is an important contribution to the field of organizational design and is set to be published in the “Review of Managerial Science.” The pre-print version of the paper is available on arXiv: