Interested in pursuing a PhD?

I am a dedicated researcher deeply invested in exploring the intersection of management and organization sciences, complexity science, and economics. My work is centered on unraveling the complexities of systems that govern economic and social phenomena, with a specific focus on emergent behavior and self-organization. This involves utilizing simulation-based approaches, especially agent-based models, to dissect and understand the dynamics of these systems. My interest extends to the reproducibility of results in the social sciences, ensuring that findings are consistent and replicable across various studies. This aspect of my research involves thoroughly examining model construction, parameter settings, and data inputs to enhance transparency and reliability. Through my research, I aim to offer innovative perspectives on the behavior of complex systems and to develop effective strategies for their management. My goal is to contribute significantly to the field by providing a deeper understanding of complex organizational and economic systems, and by establishing robust, credible methodologies in social science research.

If you are a student who shares my research interests, I would be thrilled to collaborate with you on a research project. My aim is to mentor and support students who are passionate about exploring the complexities of our world and who are committed to making meaningful contributions to the field. As a supervisor, I will provide you with guidance and support throughout the research process, and help you to develop the necessary skills to succeed in your chosen field.

Some of the potential research topics we can explore together include the development of computational models to simulate and predict the behavior of complex systems, develop theoretical contributions in the fields of management and organizations sciences, and examine the role of emergent behavior and self-organization in shaping economic and social phenomena. I am also open to discussing any other research topics that you are interested in pursuing. Information about doctoral studies at University of Klagenfurt is provided here.

If you are a student looking for a supervisor, or if you are simply interested in discussing potential research projects, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am always eager to hear from students who share my interests and am excited to explore potential research collaborations with you.